F.O.B.B. INFO Society App

Ifa 2019 AppDownload the F.O.B.B. INFO Society App to stay up to date!

F.O.B.B. INFO has a mobile application dedicated to F.O.B.B. INFO and to its annual Congress. The App is updated regularly and gives members quick access to information on the Congresses, the Cahiers, the F.O.B.B. INFO Branches and other F.O.B.B. INFO activities.

The application is designed to work with your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can access the App by going to the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play shop (for Android devices). Use the search terms “F.O.B.B. INFO App” and you will find the App. To install the App, please follow the guidelines

To access the information on the annual F.O.B.B. INFO Congress, you need to be registered for the Congress. All Congress participants will receive the password by the end of September 2020.