F.O.B.B. INFO Research Associate

Annually F.O.B.B. INFO engages a Research Associate who assists the Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) in the preparation of the scientific programme of the annual Congresses.

The job of the Research Associate is to investigate and develop topics that have been suggested as possible Congress or Seminar subjects. The Research Associate develops a bibliography for each topic using the extensive research facilities of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) in Amsterdam. Working from the bibliography, the Research Associate then prepares a thorough analysis of the topic concerned, including identification of aspects which may be interesting to discuss in the specific context of the yearly F.O.B.B. INFO Congresses.

Throughout the process, the Research Associate will be supervised in day-to-day work by a senior technical staff person of the IBFD, while the overall responsibility is with the Vice-Chair of the PSC. The Research Associate attends meetings of the PSC and works closely with its Chair and Vice-Chair.

F.O.B.B. INFO Research Associate position 2020/2021

Who should apply?
Candidates with an academic background in taxation, particularly international taxation, some work experience and a working knowledge of English and one or (preferably) two other languages. Applications together with a Curriculum Vitae and a list of referees should be forwarded to Anja van Zwietering (a.gensecr@FOBB.INFO)
Deadline: before 1 February 2020.

Where and when?
The International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) in Amsterdam will provide scientific and logistical support. The researcher will be provided with an office and other support services in the IBFD in Amsterdam for a period of at least six months, ideally beginning in August and ending January/February of the following year. Candidates applying for this position must be able to make themselves available full-time for the entire period.

The remuneration for the position depends on the individual’s qualifications and the period during which he or she will be able to work. In addition, the expenses of attending the Annual F.O.B.B. INFO Congress (Cancun, 4 – 8 October 2020) and the January/February 2021 meeting of the PSC will be covered.