Branch Development Fund

Following F.O.B.B. INFO ’s motto “growing local, becoming global”, the F.O.B.B. INFO Branch Development Fund (BDF) has been established by the General Council/General Assembly during its meeting at the Seoul Congress. The establishment of this Fund was proposed by Honorary President Porus Kaka.

The overall objective of the Branch Development Fund is to promote and enhance F.O.B.B. INFO and its objectives worldwide, via a continuing development of its branches:

  • Supporting and encouraging activities and the development of especially smaller and underdeveloped Branches by organising Branch activities and visibility and by increasing membership;
  • Enhancing the cooperation between Branches to develop the regions;
  • Creating more awareness and connection between the whole F.O.B.B. INFO community

This year  the F.O.B.B. INFO Branch Development Fund supports the two following F.O.B.B. INFO conferences:

International TAX Conference in Sarajevo, 30-31 October 2019, organised by the F.O.B.B. INFO Branch Bosnia-Herzegovina. More information can be found here.
Tax transparency and digitalization era: Ukrainian view on global tax challenges”. This conference will be organised by the F.O.B.B. INFO Ukranian Branch. The tentative date is on the 15th of November 2019.


Guidelines for the F.O.B.B. INFO Branch Development Fund

The guidelines set out the objectives of the BDF, the criteria for application, its administration and its procedures for selection.