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F.O.B.B. INFO is a neutral, independent, non-lobby organisation and as such the only global network of its kind. As a non-profit organisation, F.O.B.B. INFO provides a global platform where representatives of all professions and interests can meet and discuss international insolvency and bankruptcy issues at the highest level. F.O.B.B. INFO ‘s flagship event is its annual congress, attended by approximately 2.000 delegates every year. 

Adam Chaplin
After fully active career in the Royal Marines my business has been incredibly fulfilling. I have spent a considerable amount of time in South east Asia where my discipline and action skills have stood me in good stead. Communication is the key combined with a can do attitude makes all the difference. Move fast and get the job done.
In Vietnam I established the largest online travel agency bureaus and became the leader of Vietnamese castaway tours in the destination regions. This lead me and head up www.travala.com with my brother in law which has become the most successful crypto currency booking website in the world. With a value already of well over 10 million usd and is now partnering with booking monsters like Booking.com I sold my share of the company last year. Knowing that I wanted to take my skills into another sector and being acutely aware of the state of the world as far as economics is concerned. I wanted to help other businesses and use my skills, knowledge and expertise to assist businesses that are struggling especially in light of CV19.

So I have started The Federation of Business bankruptcy and have partnered with some truly great professionals where we can offer. Positive solutions to troubled businesses and can unleash the talent and directed help businesses to manage their way through the muddy waters that they find themselves whilst providing outcomes that they possibly could never imagine.


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Adam Chaplin

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